Elegantly Simple


We’ve used the Oxymor Wine Pourer in our wine bar for the last 2-3 years. Our wine list includes a fair number of high end and hard to find wines that would benefit from decanting for 30-45 minutes prior to serving, however our business flow doesn’t offer us time to do that. The wine pourer is a great, inexpensive tool that allows these wines to quickly open up and greatly improves our guests’ satisfaction in our wines. Our servers are thrilled with the product and use them religiously when opening a new bottle for our guests.

Andrew Nachman

Owner & Wine Buyer, Little Salmon Lodge, Idaho

It's such a simple product, but absolutely ingenious.  Really enhances the taste and bouquet of the wine, particularly reds.  Very convenient as well, with no splashing or dripping at all.  I'll be getting lots of these for gifts for all of my wine loving friends!
- K. Johnson

I have used a few other products on the market that claim they do this and that. While at the time you think it does work it actually doesn't do as they say. With Oxymorwine, it does all it says it does. For the price, you can't beat it.
- B Gutz

The Oxymorwine pourers are easy to use and provide significant aeration for those big, full bodied wines. However, because the pourers minimize dripping, I find I use them on all my wines, both red and white, and my wife really appreciates the clean tablecloths.
- Ken G

I would like to comment that I have used the oxymorwine pourer and find it extremely effective in aerating wine so that the wine could be enjoyed immediately after pouring rather than requiring a long period in a decanter. I am a wine maker and produce a fairly heavy styled syrah and it was delicious after using the pourer. I also shared the device with the head wine maker of a prominent Sonoma winery who agreed it was very effective. I would love to see it included with purchases of of wine or used by restaurants when they pour a red wine since it is rare to have the time to allow a wine to breath while dining in a restaurant and this bypasses that issue.
-J Kram

I have used your Oxymorwine pourer at parties we have hosted at our home. It makes wine pouring much easier and reduces the mess and clean up after the party is over. My guests enjoy tasting the wine since it gives it the most flavor and and improves the taste.

P.S The last party I hosted I had more people than ever ask me the orgin of the wine. I then showed them the pourer and explained how it works. The were so gracious and thankful when I handed them some to take home.
-D Vogel

The Oxymorewine is truly a great little gadget. Not only does it allow you to bypass the breathing time required by some wines, it smooths out any acid or bitterness they might have. Opens up wine quickly and makes the drinking experience even better. Even a moderate wine tastes like a Grand Crus! It makes a huge difference in the immediate flavor and a nice side benefit is the shape of the funnel in the bottle opening keeps things neat and tidy. No round wine circles on the counter!
-C Goodemote